MGLSAT is a wholly owned business of Network Innovations (Canada). 

Originally MGLSAT was established through the needs of Military and Emergency Services, the company has grown from humble beginnings in 1999 as a standard terrestrial communications consulting firm to establish itself as a market leader in satellite voice, data and tracking services with a global reach now owned by the global Network Innovations Group.

In 2012, MGL Telecoms (Aust) Pty Limited established the brand MGLSAT to better reflect the companies image and direction change to pure satellite based solutions.  The new brand presented MGL as a focus on all things satellite.  Core business products include Satellite Phones, rescue beacons (EPIRB's, Personal Locator Beacons), tracking (SBD Short Burst Data & 3G), Navigation tools (GARMIN & HEMA) and Voice/Data services (Inmarsat & Iridium) and Satellite Data Terminals from Hughes / Cobham.

Designing solutions to remote, portable or deployable scenarios, NETWORK INNOVATIONS (MGLSAT) can provide hardware, competitive satellite airtime services and exceptional support. 

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